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We don't try to offer you the most games...just the very best games. Here you will find 300 of the best arcade-style games the Net has to offer. No need to waste your time searching pages upon pages of games just to find something worth playing...every game on this site is top-of-the-line...hand-picked from 1000's of games...quality not quantity! Enjoy!

Game of the Day


table tennis

Challenging online version of Table Tennis game where you've to play against your computer and try to win all the levels. You need some sporting skills and quick reflexes to defeat your opponent.


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This game is rated: EXCELLENT


Game of the Month



You get a choice of racing either Formula 1 cars or Nascar racing cars. The Game is 3D. You can toggle between different views: one view allows you a driver's seat view. Turbo boosts aren't necessary to win.


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This game is rated: EXCELLENT


Three of the best games to play at an online casino

If you are new to playing at an online casino, it can at first be a little bit daunting. A good online casino should be giving you over 500 different games from which you can choose to explore and play. However, as a newcomer you may not know where to begin! It is hard to know what your preference will be, but some games tend to be a lot more popular than others –so that seems like a good place to start. Here we will review three of the best games to play at an online casino.

Live Blackjack

Out of all of the Royal Vegas table games, this one has to be one of our favorites! Blackjack is a fairly simple game to understand and learn, so it is a great place to start if you’re a new player at online casinos. The live element of the blackjack makes an already exciting and exhilarating game even more so. It is also a fast paced game, so if that is something that appeals to you –you will love the adrenaline rush!

Video Slots

The most popular form of slots are video slots. Video slots have a huge appeal to such a wide market. Male or female, young or old –everyone seems to love them! A possible reason for this could be that video slots have the ability to cater to a wider market because of the variation in themes. People enjoy playing video slot games that are in line with their interests and hobbies as it feel specially calibrated to their likes. The range in themes of video slots is really huge. You will find everything from a variety of sports, movies, television shows, animals, food, science fiction as well as Greek mythology! The animated graphics on slot machine games are often very humorous and fun, adding a huge enjoyment factor the gaming experience. People enjoy laughing and being entertained, and the video slots accomplish just that. For this reason, slots can be a really good choice of game to play if you are feeling a little bit down in the dumps. It also is not a game of skill, relying only on lady luck to be by your side, so it is nice that you do not have to concentrate too hard on this game!

Live 3 Card Poker

Not only is poker one of the most recognizable casino games, but it is also one of the most highly played games too. With the World Series of Poker (WSOP) being a huge event, there is a big poker subculture that is present. Poker requires you to use all your mental acuity and strategic thinking to outwit your opponent. Becoming a good and competitive poker player requires some practice, and live 3 card poker is the perfect place to go at Royal Vegas online casino to fine tune your poker playing skills.

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